Trend Story Assignment


TREND STORY—Report and write a minimum 750-word feature providing specific, anecdotal examples of a broader topic with inherent news value. The objective is to find one or more colorful and informative microcosms that help readers better understand an important trend, event, study, statistic or other notable phenomenon in the news. The story will require a combination of authoritative and anecdotal source material. Your finished story must contain original, current reporting and quotes from a minimum of five interviews. It must be suitable for publication with all sources fully identified.

•    Sunday, March 7: Submit at least two ideas for possible trend story subjects. File your ideas in the Trend Story Idea dropbox in D2L.
•    Sunday, March 14: File your final Trend Story idea.
•    Sunday, April 4: First draft.
•    Sunday, April 18: Final draft.

Stories must contain:
•    original, current reporting.
•    quotes from a minimum of five interviews (a mix of experts who can discuss the trend and ordinary people who illustrate it).
•    supporting facts, statistics and historical information, as needed.

Stories must not contain:
•    anecdotal examples using roommates, friends or relatives (unless approved in advance and disclosed in story).
•    quotes from any of the above.
•    quotes taken from other stories (unless approved in advance and fully attributed).
•    information attributed to other news media that you could have reported yourself.

Grading criteria:
•    -Idea  (originality, scope, difficulty).
•    -Reporting  (effort, resourcefulness, difficulty).
•    -Writing  (creativity, structure, style, errors).

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